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'Heel and Toe' Stereo - English Beech.


Made from solid English Spalted Beech. The 'Heel and Toe' model has four pickups fitted, two for the heel of the foot, two for the toe, with a stereo output. Because the two acoustic chambers are a different size, this opens up a huge range of tones available, from a deep warm bass to a snappy snare - making this the most versatile stomper out there!  The grain in this decorative wood has warm orange / brown colouring and a lovely warm resonance. Single 1/4" stereo output. (Using a mono lead combines the two playing areas) - however using a 'Y' cable (stereo male to 2 x mono female) means you can spliit the signal from the two playing areas and EQ them separately. The Heel and Toe Beat Root measures 12.5" x 6.5". The grain in your Beat Root stomper is unique and will differ from the unit shown.